JV volleyball team falls to the pirates

Nicole Brake, Staff Writer – Thursday, September 28, the Lecanto High School [LHS] junior varsity volleyball team took on the Crystal River Pirates. Even though they lost, the girls still had a great time playing with each other, as the volleyball season is soon coming to an end.

Freshman Grace Taylor remained positive about the team’s performance.

“I think the team as a whole played very well together; we had great communication and good digs,” Taylor said.

The junior varsity girls working together to score a point (Photo: Brake).

The junior varsity girls work together to score (Photo: Brake).

Sophomore Alyssa Androski also felt the game went well, but notes that there were aspects of the night that could have run more smoothly to allows the girls to come out on top.

“We fought hard, played as a team, stayed focused, and had fun. However, there are still many things we can improve on. I played my best, stayed aggressive, and played hard throughout the game,” said Androski.

Freshman Payton Engelken hopes that they will be able to work on some of their joint short-falls throughout the remainder of the season.

“We can definitely improve on better communication between players, our serves, and more accurate passes,” said Engelken.

Although the game was not as successful as it could have been, the volleyball team enjoyed playing with one another.

On occasions such as this one, it is often the game itself that matters most, not the outcome.

“Well I mean of course I wish we won, I think we played pretty good and we tried to fight for the win,” said freshman Celine D’Anna.