Students dive into other worlds with the Video Game Club

Ashlynn Pozzi, Sophomore, playing Miitomo. (Photo: Torcuator)

Ashlynn Pozzi, Sophomore, playing Miitomo. (Photo: Torcuator)

Brian Torcuator, Caleb Coker, Staff Writers –  Video games are a way for players to immerse themselves in different worlds. The Video Game Club [VGC] at Lecanto High School [LHS] allows its members to do just that after school.

The VGC, sponsored by math teacher Ty Hamilton, is a place where students with various gaming experiences can come together, play different games, and interact with one another.

“It’s a lot of fun. These are the people I would hang out with if I were in high school again. I love that people can nerd-out and talk about obscure video games without being judged,” said Hamilton.

The club does various things during their meetings.

“Some days we just talk about games, load up our favorite clips from Xbox Live and watch them. Other days, we get to play if someone brings in their Nintendo Wii U or Switch,” Hamilton said.

There are many students in the school who enjoy video games but are not part of the club for whatever reason. 

“I play video games because it’s a fun activity to do with friends. I love to play a variety of games but Mario Kart eight has to be my favorite. Joining the club would be fun because I want to be in a club doing something I enjoy,” said Ashlynn Pozzi, sophomore, who had not heard of the club previously.

Sophomore Garrett Pearcy shared that opinion on joining the club.

“I usually play sports games like Madden and play around ten hours a week. Joining the club seems nice because I do enjoy playing video games,” said Pearcy.

The club is definitely one just for fun, which does not work with some students’ busy schedules.

“I like to play video games on my off time but I usually only play around 2 hours per week because of homework. I probably wouldn’t join because I don’t really have time and I don’t know anybody in the club,” said Haney Liu, sophomore.

The VGC is there for anyone to join regardless of experience. Whether one is an avid gamer or just someone who wants to get into video games, the VGC wishes to welcome all.