Freshman elect their SGA class officers

Amelia Burkel, McKenna Johnson, Staff Writers –  September 7, Lecanto High School [LHS] freshman in homeroom voted for their class’s Student Government Association [SGA] class officials. The elected students received notifications on their positions Sept. 18.

SGA is the organization in charge of student elections; it “runs student activities, which include homecoming and prom, and helps with clubs,” according to European history and psychology teacher John Weil.

It is Weil’s first year in charge of SGA, and he looks forward to all of their plans and the readiness of students to participate. Roughly 350 students voted for officials in this year’s election.

Those running for class office put up creative posters around the school to promote their campaigns (Photo: WHO???).

Those running for class office put up creative posters around the school to promote their campaigns (Photo: Burkel).

The six candidates who ran were Anjli Deven, Victoria Lantzy, Alexis Sant, Alicia Nagada, Madison Winningham, and Kristina Clayton. The general consensus seemed to be that all of the representatives felt nervous yet excited.

“I’ve never done [student government] before, and I want to be more involved,” said Kristina Clayton.

However, not all of the appointees are foreign to class elections or having a leadership role. Many students were introduced to the idea in National Junior Honor Society [NJHS].

“I was treasurer of NJHS in 8th grade,” said Deven.

Nagada is also an experienced elector as she was a former NJHS president and student council vice president. Because of this background, she felt this position would promote personal growth for herself and fellow students.

The reasons varied for why representatives chose to run. Previous knowledge was a very convincing factor, though.

“I feel like my leadership skills would help and it would be a fun experience,” said Nagda.

Deven felt the same.

“I feel like I could help the school with my experience and it will look good on my resume for college,” Deven said.

The votes for the freshman president position were very close this year, as Winningham won by a 2 votes. Lantzy won the vice president position by 26 votes. The secretary and treasurer positions had unanimous votes toward Clayton and Deven.

The freshman class looks forward to their new representatives and the positive changes that they can help implement in the future.