CRHS keeps bat after winning annual Bat Game

Staff writer, Stormi Bousum- Tuesday, April 18, the Lecanto boys’ baseball team played their annual Bat Game against rival Crystal River High School [CRHS].

The “Bat Game” is essentially a regular game, but it is played against CRHS for the reward of keeping a ceremonial bat until the next annual Bat Game is played.

The Panther boys were defeated by CRHS at home with a score of 3-2.

Many players such as junior Shawn Host and senior John Fiorenza believe that they could have played better.

“As a team, we did not do bad, but we did not play to our full potential. We struggled offensively, not scoring in crucial situations,” said Host.

“We were defensively solid all night but lacked in other areas. There were multiple opportunities we had to tie the game and add-on runs; if we were more clutch we would have won the game,” said Fiorenza.

Many of the boys were also astonished by what happened.

The team is proud of their hard work despite difficulties (Photo: Morales).

The team is proud of their hard work despite difficulties (Photo: Morales).

“I was very surprised at the outcome of the game. We beat them the first time we played them early in the season, and I thought we had a good chance at winning again for the bat,” said sophomore Nick Morales.

“We needed to streak hits together and execute opportunities when we had them. I was very surprised; we should have dominated them,” said senior Jayson Haufler.

Aside from their loss, the boys think with hard work next year the bat will be theirs.

“I think we have a good chance at winning next year. We just have to keep practicing and getting better,” said Morales.

“If the juniors take control and everybody wants in bad enough, I think we can pull through with the win. Only time will tell,” said Host.