PBIS field day gives students a chance for fun

Students playing basketball at field day

Students play basketball at field day (Photo: Stubenbort).

David Stevens, Staff Writer – Friday, April 7, was a day for well-behaved students and students with low absences to have fun for part of the day at PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) Field Day. Students had many choices of what to do during the time, from inside and outside activities. PBIS is an approach towards students to help build behavioral supports and social culture.

Sophomore Peyton Burdette and Junior Seth Stockburger were excited for the field day and hope they can do more because it relieves stress and helps focus in class.

“I want the school to keep it, because it think it’s good for students to take a break,” Burdette said.

“I would enjoy more field days. They ease some of the stress added on my shoulders,” Stockburger said.

There have been two field days so far this year.

Not everyone enjoyed the time at the field day. Taylor Williams did not want to go from the beginning but still did, and she was not excited about the outcome.

“There wasn’t a lot of fun stuff to do. I didn’t like that only kids with no referrals or missed days could go,” Williams said.

Some of the activities offered were indoor and outdoor basketball, kickball, tag, football, water bottle challenge, places to just talk, and classroom activities.

Junior Lindsay Hurston had a good time at the field day but would like a few changes if there is another one.

“They should keep doing it but maybe add more indoor activities for kids that don’t want to be outside, like movies playing in classrooms,” Hurston said.