Panther Cafe is a weekly tradition

Benjamin Stuebs, Staff Writer – The Lecanto High School [LHS] Panther Cafe is a program that allows students to make food for the teachers and staff at LHS. This helps the students in the culinary class by having them work in real restaurant-type environments.

“This teaches the kids they can make whatever they want. They are all certified by serve safe and are certified up to five years.” said culinary instructor Suzanne Sheffield.

The students that are in this class have the opportunity to serve people in the outside world, and to be a cook for others.

“I think this class is pretty great and really fun so far,” said LHS senior Michael Fox.

This has been going on for as long as Sheffield can remember.


Culinary students creating the Panther Cafe masterpiece (Photo: Benjamin Stuebs)

“I believe I have been doing this since 1997,” said Sheffield.

The students have been making all the food on their own and have been able to taste their own creations.

“I’m really good at making soups and they turn out fantastic,” said LHS junior Austin Williams.

The students have their favorites that they have made for the class that they think are special.

“I think my own specialty is the three-layer cake that I have made,” said LHS junior Jay Spearse.

In the Panther Cafe, the students are allowed to choose what they put on the menu if the item is within reason. The students have a budget that they have to stick to, and Sheffield is the one who does all of the shopping for the students for their cooking.

“For the cooking I set up a budget, and there is not many boundaries for the students to make what they want, except for the fact they will have to remain in the budget that I have set,” said Sheffield.