Life on the Prowl: Reporting for the LHS newspaper

Ronnie Romanelli, Staff Writer – Every week, staff writers for the Lecanto High School [LHS] report news that occurs at the school and in the community.

Making deadlines, having eight interviews, making sure you have a picture with a person and an action; these are just a few guidelines and rules that members must meet in order to successfully complete their job.

The members of the Panther Prowl believe that being a part of the newspaper team is just downright awesome.

Members of the Panther Prowl take a group photo. (Photo:Poyner)

Members of the Panther Prowl work hard to provide accurate and interesting reports (Photo: Poyner).

“It’s truly a great learning experience for me,”  freshman staff writer Elijah Reichle said.

“I love writing, so I get to do what I love,” writer and sophomore Octavia Leavens said.

There are a lot of cool and interesting aspects of being a “Prowler,” but each student has his or her favorite.

“I get to practice my skills in a field I would love to be a part of in the future,” editor and junior Jackie Beery said.

“The class atmosphere is really fun; you work with friends,” sophomore writer Erica Adkins said.

An important requirement of the staff writers is to get eight different interviews, and a in-focus picture. Sometimes, interviewing strangers can be a scary thing to do, but the writers manage.

“At first it was [scary], going out and talking to people you’ve never spoken to before, but after a while you kind of get used to it,” writer and sophomore Naomi Mitchell said.

The captain of the team is teacher Dr. Jennifer Poyner, who not only teaches newspaper, but also English language arts.

“Teaching newspaper is unique; [it’s] different from a traditional class,” Poyner said.

Poyner wants her students to walk away with “the skill set that makes an effective reporter, as well as an understanding and belief in the ethics of journalism” after their term in her class ends.