“Beauty and the Beast” smashes records at the box office

Staff Writer, Erica Adkins – The newest Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast,” waltzed its way to number one at the box office on its opening weekend making a record-setting 170 million dollars. The new live-action rendition of the 1991 cartoon, staring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, surpassed last year’s “Finding Dory” as the top-grossing PG film.

The movie follows the familiar storyline about a strong-minded and beautiful girl imprisoned in a castle by a beastly prince. The two eventually fall in love, which frees the prince from the spell. With its strong female message, the movie got an overall positive reception from critics and viewers alike.

Sophomore students show their appreciation for the new version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" (Photo: Adkins).

Sophomore students show their appreciation for the new version of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” (Photo: Adkins).

“I loved it! It was a very visually appealing movie, and I enjoy ‘Beauty and the Beast’ very much, so I couldn’t help but sing along every now and then,” said sophomore Makiya Seminera.

“It was a really good quality movie for all ages,” said sophomore Savannah Bass.

For most “Beauty and the Beast” fans, the film added a new level of enjoyment by bringing the beloved characters to life while still making sure to stick with the original plot.

“I think the new film did the cartoon justice because it followed the script and added more details,” said sophomore Mary Recta.

“I actually liked this more than the original! I felt like I could understand the characters more in this movie than I could in the cartoon,” said sophomore Amber Hafner.

The movie had a star-studded cast, with “Harry Potter’s” Emma Watson taking on the iconic Princess Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast; both of which were well-received in their roles by audiences for fulfilling and bringing to life their characters.

“I was very impressed with the casting. Emma Watson was phenomenal as always, and I was surprised to see how much star-power was in this movie. Everyone was crazy talented,” said Seminera.

“I thought they did an overall excellent job with casting. Emma Watson played an amazing Belle,” said sophomore Madison Myers.

The new rendition was able to bring the treasured Disney tale to life, which Disney also plans on doing with more classic stories such as “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” and “Mulan,” in the near future.

“Go see it, and listen to the soundtrack! That’s what I have been doing,” said Seminera.