Teenage taste buds prove fickle

Brenda Neff (main cook) prepares pasta for Lecanto High School students (photo: Johnson).

Main cook Brenda Neff prepares pasta for students (photo: Johnson).

McKenna Johnson, Staff Writer – Students at Lecanto High School [LHS] have a variety of dishes to choose from when buying their lunch in the cafeteria.

There was no clear consistency in the least and most popular dishes among students, but rather they had individual opinions as to why one dish topped another and how their least favorite meals in the cafeteria could be improved or replaced to make them more likable among other students.

LHS sophomore Ty Langdon has a soft spot for the miniature calzones because they bring back good memories.

“They remind me of the raviolis when I was a kid,” said Langdon.

Freshman Riona Westphal preferred the bite-sized nacho rounds traditionally served with meat and cheese.

“I can just eat the chips if I’m not in the mood, but I also like their meat,” said Westphal.

With so many conflicting taste buds, it’s hard to please everyone. Freshman Jeremiah Piraux disliked a crowd pleaser.

“The pizza [is my least favorite] because it is really cold when you get it,” said Piraux.

The varied options in the cafeteria combined with the ability to bring your own meal make lunchtime work for even the pickiest of eaters. Both students and LHS main cook Brenda Neff had ideas for possible items to include on the menu to expand the options.

“Bring back the turkey wraps,” said Neff.

Freshman Rhoma Jatt had another possible idea for a menu item.

“Tuna subs,” said Jatt.

From the students interviewed, most did not know when their least or most favorite items would be in the line and are not always prepared for what they are going to get. Senior Sam Royle falls into that category.

“They don’t give us a lunch menu,” said Royle.