Custodians make a huge difference behind the scenes

Malorie Robbins, Staff Writer – A school custodian’s job is one most people do not always notice. It is a given for the cafeteria to be clean, the trash cans to not be overflowing, things to not be broken, the lights to work, and generally for everything to be running smoothly. In fact, it is expected, and thanks to the custodians those expectations are met so that students and teachers can have a safe and pleasant experience at Lecanto High School [LHS].

Some people may not even realize how demanding a custodian’s job can be.

“Doug and I are on call 24/7. If we get a call on the weekend, we have to come in,” said head custodian Robert Anton.

Douglas Sawyer, audio and lights technician, agreed with Anton’s statement.

“We do a lot of things that aren’t taken into consideration,” Sawyer said. “I help the custodial staff because I’m not always busy. It’s a joy coming to work to make sure the kids are safe. If there’s a smile on their face there’s a smile on ours.”


Head custodian Robert Anton wipes down tables for third lunch (Photo: Robbins).

Anton is on his seventh year working as a custodian for LHS; Sawyer is on his 27th. Both of them truly enjoy their work, and want to ensure students have a safe environment in which to learn.

“It’s a really good job; you interact with all the students and teachers. They kind of grow on you.There’s a lot of good kids here. You’re kind of sad to see them go after four years.”

Custodians work hard to help keep the school running, and they are certainly just as important as any of the staff members or teachers. Their contributions may not always be given much thought, but they are a necessity, and their importance is undeniable.

“I think they’re awesome,” said freshman Deanna Van Loan.