Chorus members learn from professionals at Disney

Photo: Alyceea Marcic

The students got to watch the Disney fireworks go off at the end of the day (Photo: Alyceea Marcic).

Hannah Roddenberry, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School [LHS] Chorus went on a field trip to Disney Friday, March 24. Students attending the trip were a part of this year’s 2016-17 chorus group. The students worked all year-long and could not wait for this time to come.

“This year we went to Disney and got to do a workshop in a recording room where we made lots of songs. At the end we got to watch a clip from Lion King with all our sounds incorporated into the movie,” said senior Alyceea Marcic.

The students got to spend time learning about how to record themselves and incorporate the noises into background movies. Each student had their own favorite part of the day.

“My favorite part of the whole day was when we got to record everyone’s voice then play it back in the Lion King movie.” said sophomore Alyssa Androski.

After learning about new sounds and recording in the booth, the students got free time at the end of the day to roam around the amusement park.

“I really liked being able to go and explore at the end of the day. I love riding rides, so you know what I was doing all day!” said junior Brendan Alt.

But for sophomore Hailey Taylor, it was about what she learned. “My favorite part was probably getting to watch the video of our voice-overs. It was cool to see that all the hard work we put in was worth it.”

Students continuing the program next year can’t wait to see what different types of music Mrs.Lay brings them.

“I’m so glad I decided to stay in chorus and I can’t wait to see what next year brings me,” said Taylor.