LHS student creates a fashion movement with “Pliggle” shirts

Pliggle T-shirt designer and creator Manny Ramos making the t-shirt on his own (Photo: Titus).

Pliggle t-shirt designer and creator Manny Ramos makes all of the t-shirts on his own (Photo: Titus).

Abigail Ruley, Staff Writer – Manny Ramos, a junior at Lecanto High School, started working in a t-shirt business with his father when he was 10 years old. In 2014, his very own t-shirt design was printed for the first time, known as “Pliggle.” He says there is a funny story behind the creation of the design: his father challenged him to come up with a logo. Ramos loves dogs, so he started by drawing a dog. Once his father saw the drawing, he took it to a graphic designer where it was touched up a little, and the logo was born. Now, at the age of 16, Ramos is doing business around Lecanto High School. He started selling t-shirts and doing online giveaways, and students around the school campus love the t-shirts. The Pliggle t-shirts are $10 and come in a variety of colors. Ramos also has Pliggle hoodies, which are $20, and long sleeve shirts that are $15.

Ramos feels that the all-round message of this shirt is inspiring and hopes it will bring positivity into this world and to everyone who wears the shirt.

“Our motto is be you, live you. If we look at the TV, news, and social media, there’s just a lot of negativity. I started this company to try to bring a little positivity to this world,” Ramos said.

Behind a business there is always a goal, whether it is a big or small one.

“My goal with this brand is to remind people to be themselves, because the moment someone lives 100 percent who they are, they are a happy person. And happy people means a positive world,” Ramos said.

Word has spread around the LHS campus, and the shirts are in high demand.

“My friend told me about it when it first started, and I thought it was a cool idea,” senior Peyton Viau said.

Ramos has sponsored many giveaways over social media. He recently had a giveaway on Instagram, and the winner won a pink Pliggle tee.

“I didn’t buy mine, I won a giveaway,” junior Kalista Jocelyn said.

Students around Lecanto High School see many meanings behind the t-shirt and its logo.

“I think he did it so everyone can look and think something different,” Jocelyn said.

Ramos has big plans for his business in the future that could bring even more positivity into this world.

“In the future I would like to work with different charities to help raise money through different causes,” Ramos said.