Springstead steals volleyball victory

Jackie Beery, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School’s varsity volleyball team lost 0-3 against Springstead Tuesday, September 27.  The game began at 7:00 p.m. and took place in the Springstead High School (SHS) gym.

This score of 3-0 represents the outcomes of the three rounds played.  Volleyball games can go up to five rounds if both teams win two and must use the fifth as a tiebreaker.  Each round was fairly close, with individual scores of 25-15, 25-20, and 27-25.  In fact, the last had to go into overtime because the win must be achieved by at least two points.

The LHS varsity volleyball team takes the court against their opponent, Springstead (Photo: Beery).

The LHS varsity volleyball team takes the court against their opponent, Springstead (Photo: Beery).

Although the game ended in defeat for Lecanto, junior player Ashley Southey, number 11, feels that the group is more cohesive than it has been in previous years.

“We’re gelling more as a team, whereas in the past there’s been people not liking each other,” said Southey.

Springstead players commented that LHS was quite a worthy opponent, and had several plays that threw their team a couple of times.

“Long back-and-forths were stressful because Lecanto usually got them,” said captain of the Springstead team, senior Alondra Racar.

Kaitlin Wadsworth, coach of the SHS team, asserted that a large factor in their win was simply the way they approached the game in their minds.

“The confident attitudes of all our players were what led to our success,” said Wadsworth.

Back during the pre-season games, the two teams had faced off once, resulting in a victory for LHS.  This happened while Racar was out with an injury, so their team was not up to full capacity.  Fans who have seen many games are of the opinion that SHS simply outplayed LHS this time.

“Springstead is probably the strongest team they’ve played so far this season,” said fan Nichola Southey.

Lecanto players feel that perhaps it was just an off night for them, with lapses of judgement or communication.

“We weren’t seeing the ball, so we couldn’t find the holes to put it down in,” said junior Ember Oglesby, number 13.

Junior Taylor Lampasona, number 6, said, “Communication as a whole was what went wrong tonight, like calling the ball.”

All agree, however, that progress is necessary and attainable for the Lecanto team.

“As long as we work together, we’ll improve from where we are now,” said Oglesby.