Girls’ soccer teams prepare for the season

Julia Jones, Staff Writer – This year’s girls’ soccer team has been going through rigorous conditioning to get them into shape for the season. Tryouts just ended and the girls will soon be finding out who made which team.

The girls’ soccer team has a new coach, Kylie Fagan along with three other coaches, Kevin Towne, (head coach) Hamilton Rice, and Willie Bulgin. This year is Fagan’s first year coaching, but she has played soccer since the age of four. She began competitive soccer when she was nine. Fagan has lots of experience and is excited to coach this year’s team.

“I wanted to coach because I love being around young people and helping them get better at a sport they love,” said Fagan.

Both teams’ first official game of the season will be the Nov. 1 against Citrus High School. The JV team will play at 5 p.m., and the varsity team will play at 7 p.m.

Many new girls are excited to be a part of the team. For most, it was a goal of theirs to play high school soccer from a very young age.

Freshman Eva Rucinski said, “I have been looking forward to playing high school soccer since the sixth grade and can’t wait for the season to start!”

There was pre-season conditioning available for girls who wanted to try out for this year’s team. It was not mandatory, especially if you were involved in another sport.

Several girls are not only excited they made a team, but also for the new friendships and bonds that will hopefully be created.

Freshman Billie Allnut said, “This year I am most looking forward to growing with the team and making new friends.”

There are thirty-six girls between the two teams. The season will end sometime around January or February, depending on how far the girls make it in district and state play. Everyone seems to be very anxious for this year’s season to begin and are eager to see how well the girls will work together.

“I am looking forward to having fun with this group of girls and trying to achieve our goal of making it to states” said Fagan.