New uniforms will reflect mascot change*

Lecanto's mascot changes now the Lecanto Heifers (Photo: supplied).

Lecanto’s mascot change will also affect students’ shopping habits, as the school will be requiring black and white uniforms (Photo: Supplied).


Abigail Ruley, Staff Writer – What’s black and white and full of spirit? The future Lecanto Heifers, of course! Not only is the school mascot changing, but big changes are coming to the student dress code. That is, students will now be required to wear uniforms, and not in the traditional green and yellow, but black and white

Lecanto students didn’t see this coming, and they were surprised about being told the mascot will changed.

“What?! The mascot changed? I always thought it was the panther,” senior Ricky Royle said.

Lecanto JROTC cadets are confused about how the uniforms are going to look because of the change. Black and white ACUs [Army Combat Uniforms] are not exactly traditional military apparel.

“How are we supposed to blend in? Like are we supposed to do raiders with cows on our shirts?” junior Karla Morel Fontanez asked. “I guarantee other schools are going to laugh.”

On the flipside, concerning sport uniforms ,some students like the idea of a change.

“Yes, I think uniforms should change so we will stand out,” Royle said.

Some students do not agree with the change. They like the way it was.

“I like the Lecanto Panthers, changing it would be a huge catastrophe,” senior Graydon Wolfe said.

Lecanto students think it is good that they are walking a heifer on the field at half time at football games.

“No way!! That’s going to be great for the FFA kids,” Fontanez said.

Lecanto seniors are not paying much attention to the change since they have a short amount of time to be here at the school.

“Well what do I care, I’m graduating in 2 months. It wont matter,” senior Katlin Larrick said.

Regardless of student opinion, black and white is here to stay. School administrators are still deciding exactly what the school uniforms will look like for students, but the general consensus is that spots will definitely be the new stripe!

*Happy April Fool’s Day 2016!