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Nathaniel Squires, Staff Writer – March 8, 2016, Lecanto High School [LHS] will be hosting an open house for rising freshmen. Commonly referred to as “Curriculum Nights,” open houses such as this upcoming one have been offered by LHS biannually since 2010. This Curriculum Night will be the second one offered in this current school year, and it will be early orientation of sorts, allowing 8th graders to get a small taste of what high school has in store for them.

“Curriculum Nights give students a chance to see the numerous opportunities they’ll have at LHS. They also showcase our school’s diverse elective choices and enable parents to get answers to any questions they might have concerning high school,” said LHS mathematics instructor Robert Jackson.

This Curriculum Night is striving to get a lot done in a very short span of time; as such, the night’s agenda is fairly hefty. The event will open with a preliminary presentation, where the school’s administration, guidance counselors, Exceptional Student Education [ESE] specialist, and athletic director will be introduced. For students pursuing the LHS Pre-IB program, this introductory meeting will be followed by another meeting centered specifically on the IB track; for all general education students, the meeting will dismiss into the school’s gym and other areas, where displays will be prepared for each of the school’s various core subjects, electives, clubs, and athletic opportunities.

“We want students to be extremely active in our school community, so we make sure they’re able to get information on our clubs and extra-curricular activities when they go to the Curriculum Night. It just gives students a really great visual representation of the things our school does outside of the classroom,” said LHS athletic director Ron Allan.

Each display will be staffed by LHS students, and teachers will be available to answer any questions the students or parents have. Students will have ample time to view each display and decide if they are interested in following up with the club or activity when registration comes around later this year.

Curriculum Night coordinators feel that many students are not actually aware of the sheer amount of opportunities LHS has to offer.

“The students will definitely be surprised. Lecanto has nearly 30 clubs. Compare that to the relative few of middle school, and it’s mind-boggling,” said Allan.

“I think students will be very surprised at the number of electives on offer at LHS; there are many electives here that students never even knew existed. We’re attempting to get students interested in a wide variety of things,” Jackson said.

The Curriculum Night will also feature performances from the LHS Chorus and Dtama Troupe, and will include a display of student artwork from the current school year’s art courses.

“We want to make sure that Visual and Preforming Arts are a big feature of Lecanto,” said LHS art teacher David Brown.

The Curriculum Night will be open to students from both Lecanto Middle and Citrus Springs Middle Schools. LHS Administration is expecting to have a large number of students attend.

“We typically have between 80 and 90 percent of the 8th graders from the two schools attend our open houses. We’ll likely see around 300 attendees, including parents,” said IB coordinator Darrick Buettner.

LMS students take part in the school year's first Curriculum Night, hosted earlier last year. (Photo:       ).

LMS students take part in the LHS middle school fair, hosted earlier last year at Lecanto Middle School (Photo: Supplied).

The Curriculum Night will be hosted on Tuesday, March 8. Report time is 6 p.m. for Lecanto Middle School [LMS] students, and 6:30 p.m. for Citrus Springs Middle students. Both groups are to meet in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium.