Swim season finishes at regional competition

Lecanto swimmers gather for a group picture (source Justin Sarris).

Lecanto swimmers gather for a group picture (Photo: Sarris).

Nathaniel Greene, Staff Writer – October 31, Lecanto High School’s Boys’ and Girls’ swim teams traveled to Clearwater, Florida, to compete in regionals. They fought a tough battle against many high schools, including county rivals Crystal River High School and Citrus High School. They swam several different races that varied among styles and distances. Overall, Lecanto placed tenth. Tenth is not the best, but definitely not the worst possible place. When questioned about how regionals went, swimmers were generally happy. Many swimmers actually received their best personal times at regionals.

“I thought regionals went pretty well,” said senior Justin Sarris.

“It was very good; it was really fun,” said senior Alex Delgado.

No matter how good someone is at something, there is always room for improvement. The swim team already works and trains very hard. The team performed very well, but could have improved. Their girl’s 200 freestyle relay was three seconds away from making it to the state tournament. A little improvement would have made a world of difference in the Panthers’ case. When asked how they could have improved, the swimmers voiced their opinions.

“I think if we worked a little harder we could have improved,” said Sarris.

“We could have improved by just swimming faster,” said Delgado.

Though Lecanto did not manage to take home the title, they had a good run. The boys’ and girls’ swim teams will compete once again next year with the goal of winning¬†regionals and advancing to state.