Volleyball teams look forward to CRHS matchup

Mary Recta, Staff Writer – October 6, 2015, Lecanto High School’s Girls’ Volleyball Team will face Crystal River High School’s [CRHS] Girls’ Volleyball Team here at LHS. These two teams have already played each other before, and LHS’ freshman and varsity teams lost, but the junior varsity team won against CRHS.

All LHS volleyball members are looking forward to get another win or to take back their loss and beat CRHS. Freshman Allison MacQueen and sophomore Ember Oglesby are looking forward to the game.

“I am so excited for the game! We lost last time because we were frustrated and made mistakes because of our frustration. I feel like we got a lot better and we can win the game this time,” said MacQueen.

“I am so ready to play against them. I feel like we are going to make a comeback,” said Oglesby.

The girls have worked hard to condition and prepare themselves for this game. Sophomore Mikayla Eager and freshman Noor Eso feel like they have improved since the last few games.

LHS varsity volleyball players wait for their game (Photo: Recta).

LHS varsity volleyball players Erin Smilgen, Kayla Dumon, and Daniella VanQueleff wait for their game (Photo: Recta).

“We have been working on hitting, passing, talking, and keeping our spirits up. This is really going to prepare us physically and mentally for the game,” said Eso.

“I feel like I’ve been doing a lot better since the beginning of the season. We’re going to bring our A game,” said Eager.

There has been an ongoing rivalry between CRHS and LHS for a long time, especially in sports. For most LHS students and athletes, this is a chance to beat our rivals and take bragging rights. Junior Kayla Dumon wants to take this game as a win.

“This is a chance to show everybody how we really play and how we work together. Last time we played them, we did not play like I know that we can. I know that we are a lot better of a team than what we showed,” said Dumon.

Many students are looking forward to cheering on the Lady Panthers at the game. Senior Jonathan Romero wants to support the team during the game.

“We’re playing Crystal River; of course I am going to go. I will be cheering on the ladies and support them by being there,” said Romero. “Let’s sink that pirate ship!”