Students look forward to Life in Color festival

Life in Color in Miami Fl 2015 (Photo: Beaupre).

Life in Color in Miami Fl 2015 (Photo: Beaupre).

Tyson Arduser, Staff Writer – January 16, 2016, the Life in Color music festival will start the year in Miami, Florida. For those who don’t know about this festival, it is a concert that hosts the top artists in the electronic house music community, such as Steve Aoki and Jack ü (who both have songs on the Billboard top 100 songs). Electric house music is an upbeat sound that is characterized by a prominent bass line.The twist that is put on this festival is that while the artists perform, paint and color is thrown at the audience to create an elaborate and interesting experience for all participants. At last year’s event, over 20,000 gallons of paint were released towards the audience to create an original atmosphere.

“I already have my tickets and just keep counting the days until it starts,” said LHS [Lecanto High School] senior Tucker Henderson, who also attended the event last year. “Last year was pretty crazy, and I definitely would invite others to come this year.”

The event captures attention with the way they blast paint and blasts unique loud music.

“It sounds like an amazing time; I don’t really listen to that type of music, but I’d probably go for the experience,” said LHS senior Faith MacQueen.

“I’ve heard about that concert, and I’d want to go to enjoy the music and the paint,” said LHS senior Mateo Loiero.

The festival will be held at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami and will have an estimated 50,000 attendees.

“The people make these concerts because you will never find a group of people so happy. I’m going with my friend, and it’s going to be crazy,” said LHS junior Justice Woods.

The concert launches the “Creation of Color” tour that will reach over 60 countries in the 2016 year. It is an experience that many people don’t get the opportunity to go through, so go reserve your tickets today.