“Snap” goes the JV football season at LHS

Allie Bond, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School’s [LHS] Junior Varsity [JV] football team has been cancelled for the rest of the season. The rest of their games were scrapped as of September 29, 2015, until next season. This was a result of several injuries of the players.

The LHS JV defensive line is ready for the play against Crystal River (photo: Gonzalez).

The LHS JV defensive line is ready for the play against Crystal River in one of their last games of the season (Photo: Gonzalez).

LHS athletic director Ron Allan confirmed this situation.

“We ran out of players due to injuries, so the remaining JV players were given the option to move up to Varsity. Four to five players broke arms, or received concussions, and that leaves us with only 10 to 14 left,” said Allan.

JV head coach Ian Bishop explained their actions.

“It was all a lack of numbers. We only started with about 35 on JV to begin with. But some of them, at least 10, just realized the sport wasn’t for them,” said Bishop.

The news is terribly upsetting to everyone involved. Fans, coaches, and most of all, players, are crushed.

“It really sucks. It takes away playing time from everybody. So, the kids are hurting the most,” said Bishop.

“It really just wouldn’t be safe to continue on playing with the amount that we have. So the kids are the most upset. You can see it on their faces. I knew it was coming, but even our coaches are not happy with it,” said coach Rob Thompson.

“We’re short because football is a hard sport. Most of our students wouldn’t want to put in the work. I moved up to Varsity, and I’m looking forward to playing,” said junior, now varsity, player Domenique Speach.

Even cheerleaders are affected by the decision that had to be made.

“I’m really discouraged. We were all looking forward to the next game, Citrus. We’d put a lot of hard work into the halftime dance that we never got to perform,” said JV cheerleader sophomore Jordan Coatney.

So from here, all the team can do is try hard this year and get out there next year.

“I’m not really too disappointed. They’ll all have another chance next year. Let’s just hope we don’t have as many injuries happen again,” said sophomore fan Alexandrie Bavcevic.