LHS swim team claims victory over Citrus


Freshman Ellie Royalty poses for a group picture with her fellow teammates. (Photo: Royalty)

Amber Hafner, Staff Writer – Tuesday, September 29, the LHS swim team won their meet with a splash. The overall score against Citrus was 231 to 96 at the Whispering Pines pool. The boys won 133 to 22, and the girls won 98 to 74, continuing their winning streak of 6 wins. The Lady Panthers received first place in every event. The boys did not pull off first in every event, however, they played well as a team.

Head coach of the swim team, Matt Bouthillier, sees the potential in all members of the swim team. He did not seem surprised when the swim team pulled out another success.

“I figured the competition would be tough,” said Bouthillier “The team is very skilled and may be able to pull out a winning streak all this season.”

Freshman Alyanna Talaroc has won many of her events and pulled out a double win against Citrus. She sees the potential in everyone on the team and hopes to continue to swim all of high school.

“We all communicate like we’re a big family; we try so hard in every competition, and that’s all that really matters to us,” said Talaroc.

Freshman Megan Ziegman has been to one of the previous meets and thinks the whole team is amazing and deserves the many wins with all of the practice they put into this sport. She thinks they strive for greatness, even when they do not have to.

“I am friends with some members on the team, and they tell me that everyone practices and how every time they swim, they are trying to beat their previous score. I have only been to one meet, but I plan on going to more,” said Ziegman “It’s surprisingly fun watching how hard some people work to do their best.”

Freshman Gerard Banawan has been looking forward to being on the LHS swim team for a while. He appreciates the sport and his team.

“I have been on a swim team before, because I’ve always liked to swim, but this time feels different. It doesn’t matter who you are with this team,” said Banawan. “We all come together as one because we all have the same goal: winning while doing something we love.”