JV volleyball season comes to a close

JV volleyball gets ready to spike against Citrus High. (Photo: Seminera)

JV volleyball gets ready to spike against Citrus High. (Photo: Seminera)

Makiya Seminera, Staff Writer- Lecanto High School [LHS] JV volleyball wrapped up their season Oct. 6, 2015. Coaches Brittany Szunko and Alice Christian led the team through the amazing season, showing promise for next year in both Varsity and JV.

The roster, made up of Arraiol Stevens, Courtney Dye, Kaitlin Zoucha, Kelley Sullivan, Megan Vann, Mikayla Eger, Noor Esoo, Rachel Daly, Shelby Burd, Briese Teitelman, Ashley Southey and Skylar Burdette, all worked hard throughout the season. The girls all had positive thoughts about their JV season.

“I think the season went pretty well. We had our downfalls, but we still pulled out wins,” said freshman Esoo.

The season was filled with many exciting moments, and a common answer from the ladies was about the Crystal River games.

“My favorite game of the season was when we beat Crystal River. We played extremely hard that game and I was proud of us all,” said sophomore Burd.

“I think Crystal River’s [game was the best] just because of the hype from the stands during the game, and because there is such a big rivalry,” said sophomore Southey.

Not only does this mark the end of a season, but it marks the end of the sophomores’ time on the team.

“I’m very upset to see the sophomores move up to varsity because they were great teammates and friends. But I know they will do great on varsity,” said freshman Dye.

The current sophomores were very excited about their chance to move up to varsity. Teitelman and Southey have already been moved.

“I won’t miss a lot on JV except for the players. Varsity is so much more intense, and I love that,” said Southey.

The sophomores also had some advice for the incoming sophomores and freshmen of next season.

“The advice I have for next year’s JV team is: Get to know each other before the season starts. That way you will trust each other on the court and play as a team,” said Burd.

But many of the girls are still pumped up for next season and will be preparing to bring their A-game.

“In the off-season, I’m going to do cardio workouts and polish my techniques for next season,” said Esoo.

Everyone is excited for next JV season and is confident in the skills to be brought to the team.

“I think next year’s JV team will be strong because the girls will develop if they work on their skills,” said Dye.