Seniors look to make final memories

Senior Cassandra Lefevers thoroughly enjoyed the Junior year IB field trip. (Photo: Lefevers)

Senior Cassandra Lefevers thoroughly enjoyed the Junior year IB field trip. (Photo: Lefevers)

Callista Borst, Staff Writer – Throughout high school, students create memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

As the 2014-15 school year reaches its ending point and with only about two months of classes remaining, seniors at Lecanto High School [LHS] are recalling precious memories that will be forever remembered. Others in their class are scrambling to make their last moments of high school the most memorable moments yet.

Senior graduation is set to take place May 20, 2015. This fast approaching date marks the end of the cycle of high school memories and the beginning of the making of college memorable moments.

While most seniors have different most memorable moments depending on their high school experiences, most commonly the best memories were not made in the classroom; but with friends in the courtyard, lunch room, parking lot, and field trips.

Senior Cassandra Lefevers said, “[My favorite memory was when] Mr. Fretz, Mr. Copp, and the other IB teachers [were] riding roller coasters with us.”

Senior Brandon Bartsch said, “My favorite memory has to be completing our inspection for JROTC with Mr. Prue and Mr. Davis.”

Teachers at LHS still look back on their high school memories.

History teacher Wendy Roberts said, “[My favorite memory was] playing varsity volleyball. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, I was team captain, and [I] made the county team.”

Students are impacted by a variety of people throughout high school including staff, friends and in many cases most importantly teachers.

Lefevers said, “[I will never forget] Mrs. Carlock and Dr. Castillo.”

While some of the seniors cannot wait for the high school experience to be over, most have different aspects of the end of their senior year that they are still anticipating.

Senior Grant Shoemaker said, “[I am looking forward to] being a kid a little longer.”

Bartsch said, “I will always remember the teachers, staff, and friends I [have] made. Everyone helped develop me into what I am today.”