NBA fans feel end-of-season intensity

"Derrick Rose is a great force in the NBA to watch despite his inability to stay healthy," said Viau.

“Derrick Rose is a great force in the NBA to watch, despite his inability to stay healthy,” said Viau (Photo: Supplied).

John Fiorenza, Staff Writer – The National Basketball Association [NBA] season is well underway as teams are losing sight of a play-off birth while other teams are trying to grasp it firmly. With very few games left in the season, fans of the NBA are able to reflect on the majority of the season at this time. Fans also are able to predict play-off teams as well as award receivers.

With many teams successfully pulling away from the rest of the pack at this point, many NBA fans on the Lecanto High School [LHS] campus hope to see the Golden State Warriors win the finals; such as sophomore Peyton Viau.

“Golden State is such a strong team,” Viau said. “They have worked really hard, and I would like to see (manager) Steve Kerr and (player) Stephen Curry finish out the year strong.”

Students who do not even usually root for the Warriors are cheering for them this season, like sophomore Khayilla Louissaint.

“I usually want my (New York) Knicks to go all the way,” said Louissaint. “We all know that’s not going to happen though, so I would like to see the Warriors keep up their pace and win the title.”

One reason that Golden State may be receiving such fandom may be because of star point guard Stephen Curry and star shooting guard Klay Thompson, better known as “The Splash Brothers.”

Many fans of the league consider Curry an incredibly exciting player to watch, especially when paired with Thompson.

“I love to watch the Splash Brothers,” said sophomore Robert Haake. “They are explosive in three-point land and can make insane shots; it really makes the game more interesting.”

It is unquestionable that the NBA has many other star players that receive attention from fans, at least in senior Kyler Speagle’s opinion.

“There are so many players that are enjoyable to watch,” Speagle said. “Players like Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis and James Harden; they’re not only good offensively but strong defensively too.”

Many fans like Louissaint enjoy flashy plays and incredible athleticism.

“Russel Westbrook is fun to watch because he’s flashy and intense,” Louissaint said. “You can always watch Blake Griffin because of his incredible dunks, and who doesn’t want to watch Lebron James? He’s the greatest all-around player right now.”

When reflecting on this 2014-15 NBA season and comparing it to past seasons, multiple things stand out.

“This year there are a lot more standout players than in the past,” Haake said. “This makes the game more exciting nightly.”

There are also downsides to the season, according to some fans.

“There are a lot of injuries,” said Speagle. “It definitely hurts the game when it loses a talent like Derrick Rose.”

Even with many injuries around the league, many fans consider this year a great year for basketball.

“This season is really exciting,” Viau said. “The basketball being played is hard to not watch.”