Need for speed: LHS teacher trades in his Corvette for a Viper

____ Jackson drives his new Dodge Viper. (Photo:Jackson)

Robert Jackson drives his new Dodge Viper. (Photo: Jackson)

Rebekah Paprzycki, Staff Writer – Do you have a need for American speed? Do you want a purpose-built sports car? LHS Math Department Head Robert Jackson has had that special connection with his Corvette for seven years.

This year, he suddenly turned in that Chevy Corvette to get a Dodge Viper. Why would this happen? Why break that special bond? Well, the Viper is the new ‘thing’ with having over 600 horse power.

According to Jackson, he got one because his wife wanted it, and now he can say he had one.

However, Jackson said, “The Viper is smaller inside, and it is not as comfortable as the Corvette.”

Tighter quarters is just the price one has to pay, but it is not the only price. A Corvette is around $55,000 while a viper is around $86,000. With this in mind, Jackson even explained that he did not receive his first Corvette until he was 50 years old, because it was not until then that it was affordable. Plus, he is a family man with kids and a two-seat sports car would not work out.

But why would Jackson get rid of that special bond with his Corvette and trade it for a Viper in the first place?

Well, he is not exactly doing that.

Jackson said, “I’m planning on getting the newest Corvette in the next two and a half years.”

In other words, Jackson bought the Viper because of his wife, and he will return to his bond with Corvette once the newest version comes out. In the end, Jackson is just taking a break for now.

Students at Lecanto High School [LHS] have their input on which car they would prefer: the Chevy Corvette or the Dodge Viper.

Sophomore Ajay Patel is already a Chevy-type of guy, and he wants a car that is efficient.

“I would prefer a Chevy Corvette over a Dodge Viper because it has better gas mileage,” Patel said. “It goes 29 miles per gallon, and the plus is that it has a sick design.”

Freshman Mariluz Valenzuela feels the same way about the Corvette, but she likes it for other reasons.

“I like the engine of the Corvette and how it makes that nice and loud noise,” Valenzuela said.

Some prefer the Corvette because of its qualities, like how it is efficient and how it has a nice engine, but have they understood they would have to pay $55,000?

For Junior Alex Delgado, he is already prepared to buy this car in the future.

“I’m going to be a millionaire because of baseball. I’ll be able to ride that very luxurious Corvette,” Delgado said.

On the other hand, some at LHS would rather get the Dodge Viper. Senior Travis Whitsel prefers the Viper because of its modern style.

“I already prefer Dodge over Chevy. It has better body style,” Whitsel said.