JROTC teaches responsibility and respect

imagesLecanto High School’s (LHS) Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) were marching with such pride on 9/11 to raise the flag and show respect to those who died.

JROTC is a very important program. They are taught that attitude is everything, but to understand that following directions is a very important part of life. They are given an opportunity to join the Rifle, Drill, or Raiders team.

A lot of the members in this program have various opinions either they enjoy doing it or not.

“I like JROTC because it’s fun and motivating,” said freshman Flora Barlow.

All the cadets meet after school and go over drills such as left face, right face, about face, rear march, etc. On Mondays they are required to wear the HOAH shirt and gym shorts for personal training (PT), and on Wednesdays they wear their uniforms.

Some of the members complain that this particular program is hard, but they all have different opinions.

“JROTC is only hard if you make it hard,” said freshman Hailey Croker.

They are provided with a marine corps uniform and JROTC T-shirt that identify them as a member of the unit. The cost for the cadets to join this program is a $10.00 JROTC lab fee.

JROTC is important because it motivates young people to be better citizens. It could also help in school because you’re taught to use your manners. This program can help you go to college because JROTC training improves the ability to study, take tests, set goals, and focus. Boys and girls are allowed to be in this particular program.

JROTC came into being with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. It was originally started by Army Captain Alden Patridge by the National Defense Act of 1916. The focus of JROTC was on secondary schools (Grades 9-12).

This program could help you out later on in life, so join now! You would have a chance go experience all the cool things they do!