Panther Parents “adopt” football players

Head of the Panther Parent organization, Karen Harper, is excited about the t-shirts that are being gien to all of te volunteer "parent." (Photo: Lapid)

Head of the Panther Parent organization, Karen Harper, is excited about the t-shirts that are being given to all of the volunteer “parents.” (Photo: Lapid)

Lecanto High School staff members have been given the opportunity to show much more support for our football athletes by signing up to “adopt” a player and support them by becoming a “Panther Parent.”

Staff members who have chosen to adopt a player support them in ways such as bringing healthy snacks like granola bars, protein bars, and fruit as well as drinks like water and Gatorade. As Panther Parents, teachers can also support their athlete by giving positive encouragement from cheering them on before, during, or after games to helping them out in school. From the sidelines to the classrooms, Panther Parents can show their spirit and help to make this football season even better.

By taking up an athlete, staff members at LHS show their support and care for the athletes, in particular the football team, and build up the relationships between the players and teachers alike.

Being a PantherPparent puts a new perspective on these relationships, as Spanish teacher Jessica Annett explained.

“It shows that we, the teachers, really support the students in all of their interests, not just academics,” said Annett. “It’s such a great opportunity to build an even stronger LHS community!”

Teachers even plan to help out in the academic issues of their athletes throughout their week so that the players can perform at their best, both academically and athletically.The outcomes all seem beneficial to the LHS community.

“Only good things can come out of encouraging someone to do their best,” said physical education teacher Alice Christian.

With school spirits being raised with the support and enthusiasm of staff members for the team, both sides can truly benefit from each other through the pairing of students and teachers.

“They can both impact each other in positive ways,” said Christian.