Agriculture students learn at Busch Gardens

There is tons of nature in the wonderful bush gardens (Photo: Google)

The LHS agriculture class learned how roller coasters effect the environment at Busch Gardens. (Photo: Google)

Friday, May 2, was the Busch Gardens field trip for the agriculture class to celebrate a great year coming to an end.

Busch Gardens spends half a million dollars just on maintaining and keeping the land looking nice and friendly. The kinds of trees that were studied there were Pine Oak and Cyprus.

The environment and wildlife impressed  agriculture teacher Steve Richardson to a great extent.  He was also thrilled to see the change in the animal exhibits.

“I’m impressed with the amount of change that was on the land,” said Richardson. “We were actually able to go into the lion cage!”

Junior Brandon Knight loved going on the rides.

“[I really enjoyed] getting to ride all the rides,” said Knight.

Senior Dani Yant learned about the land, but also had a great time while she was there.

“We studied the way roller coasters effect the environment and we studied the ground that it was built on as well,” said Yant.  “The lines were really short so that was a lot of fun.”

Senior Tory Bosley learned a great amount about cheetahs.

“Cheetahs’ bodies are designed for agility and speed, if they don’t have a tail they lose balance,” said Bosley.