LSA hosts summer Salsa Camp at CSMS

Freshman Hunter Park signs Salsa camp registration form (Photo: Colbert)

Freshman Hunter Park signs the Salsa camp registration form. (Photo: Colbert)

Salsa camp is being held at Citrus Springs Middle School this year instead of Lecanto High School. Salsa camp is an art camp that works to provide students grades K-9  with visual arts experience.

“I have never heard of the camp, but it sounds interesting,” said freshman Alena Sipe.

The cost to attend the camp is $125, and it must be attached to a completed registration form for the camp by May 11. Checks must be made out to Citrus Springs Middle School. The school will provide free lunch to the students participating in the camp.

“I think $125 is a reasonable price for the camp since you’d get to do a lot,” said freshman Haleigh Depalmer.

The camp is scheduled to start Jun. 2 and run until Jun. 6. It will last Monday through Friday and start at 9 a.m. and end at 2 p.m.

The money raised by the camp will be used to enhance the Lecanto School of Art, the Sculpture Program, and Citrus Springs Art program as well as educational needs.

“I am interested in the camp because I like art and that kind of stuff,” said freshman Dawn Gaskin.

Students attending Salsa will be participating in different activities based on the grade they are in. Grades 6-9 will work with clay, weave, work in the cooking lab, and do other activities. Participating students also need to wear appropriate clothing since some projects will stain clothes. Students who will go to the camp also have to bring a container to bring their projects home in. Older students participating in the kitchen lab have to wear close-toed shoes for safety reasons. They are also not advised to bring money or expensive objects because it can be lost or damaged.

If a student wishes to be with another student in their age group, they must let teachers know when they turn in the registration.

“I’ve heard of the camp before, and it sounds like a lot of fun,” said freshman Jazzy Phillipson.