LHS students mask up for prom

Lecanto High School students dance away the night at prom. (Photo: Lemanowicz)

Lecanto High School students dance away the night at prom. (Photo: Lemanowicz)

April 12, 2014, Lecanto High School (LHS) students arrived to Black Diamond in limos, party buses, and cars to attend the masquerade prom, all dressed in formal dresses and tuxedos.

Many students enjoyed prom because they got the chance see friends and enjoyed hanging out with one another.

“My favorite part of prom was just chilling with all my friends,” said senior Breanna Martin.

“I think my favorite part of the night was being able to see all my friends and just have a good night,” said senior Reine Zizek.

Prom was exactly what students had expected it to be as the night continued to carry on, and students stepped on the dance floor.

“It was exactly how I  expected it to be because it was senior year and I knew it would be fun,” said senior Heather Moore.

“Prom was what I expected it to be because everyone knew it was their night, and they got on the dance floor and made it a good night,” said junior Shay Klein.

While students met on the dance floor, they worked up an appetite, and they enjoyed the chocolate fountain.

“My favorite part was the chocolate fountain, because I love chocolate,” said Moore.

Being senior year, LHS seniors where glad the night was one they would look back on and never forget.

“I’m glad prom went the way it did; it’s a night I can look back on and say I honestly enjoyed it,” said Zizek.