CRHS offers summer volleyball camp

sophmore Tara Walcott is signing up for the Crystal River Lady Pirates volleyball camp

Sophomore Tara Walcott  signed up for the Crystal River Lady Pirates’ volleyball camp. (Photo: Hutcheson)

This summer the Crystal River Lady Pirates’ volleyball team is having a volleyball camp from Jun. 6-9 at Crystal River High School.

This camp is for girls that are from all schools, ages 10-16, with all skill levels and have a love for volleyball, who are trying to improve their skills as a volleyball player or just have fun. This camp is $55 per person.

“This camp sounds very fun; I really want to go,” said sophomore Gissell Hernandez.

The player will develop a better understanding of the game and its components.

Applications need to be returned to the CRHS front office by Friday, May 30, 2014, or brought with the player the first day of camp.

The girls on the CRHS varsity team will help run the camp, along with the coaches, and provide positive role models for participants.

“I cannot wait to go to this camp,” junior Kristina Ruiz said.

If you are wanting to go the this camp, there are a few things you need. You need knee pads, lots of water, money for snacks, sneakers, and you should always bring a positive attitude.

“I’ve never been to this camp before, but after hearing about it, I would love to see what it’s all about,” said sophomore Brittany Bloom.

“From what my friends have told me this camp sound really fun, and I am thinking about going,” sophomore Tara Walcott said.