Comminuty members come together for Relay for Life

Cheers rang out as the cancer survivors walked along the track, finishing the first lap of Relay for Life. Friday, April 4, 2014, Citrus High School hosted the Relay For Life event for anyone to attend.

This event is where different groups of people host booths at certain high schools to help fund the fight for breast cancer and all other cancers. There are multiple events in this from simple football games to the “Mr.Relay” event, all of which is to help earn donations from the visitors.

Three contestants in the Mr.Relay fund raiser competition at Relay for Life.

The Mr.Relay fundraiser competition at Relay for Life gets a lot of laughs from visitors. (Photo: Daly)

Unlike the previous years, there is only going to be one Relay for Life in the Citrus County area, allowing a larger group of people in one event.

“It seems to lessen the pull on people who wish to come to all of the events,” senior David Druss said.

“Even though there’s only one event now it still gives me a positive feeling since it’s for a good cause,”  junior Roy Delacruz said.

This event holds meaning to everyone who participates and even those who do not participate in it.

“It allows me to meet family and old friends that I don’t see often,” Delacruz said.

“It allows me to help bring hope to those who have cancer,” Druss said.

People felt that relay should be publicized more to bring in more booths and visitors.

“It would  be better if it were publicized more; that would bring in more people who help out as well as paying visitors,”  junior Christopher Hauffman said.

Everyone felt any money gained was placed for a good cause.

“The money gained, even if it is only a dollar, will be going to help fight cancer and maybe save the lives of thousands of people,” junior John Steely said.

“The money is placed to good use to help cure cancer,” Hauffman said.