Weighing in on the dress code: Are leggings inappropriate for school?


Freshman Kiara Dawes posing proudly in her newly purchased Aztec Printed leggings.   (Photo:Waters)

Freshman Kiara Dawes poses proudly in her newly purchased Aztec printed leggings.
(Photo: Waters)

Lecanto High School (LHS), like many other schools in the Citrus County district, has made their dress code a huge part of how the school as a whole runs. Coming into the new 2013-14 school year, all students were informed of all the changes to dress code despite the previous year and were expected to abide by these new rules.Some of these new reinforcements include the abandonment of leggings.  The reasoning for the sudden alterations is because most staff and administration on the Citrus County school board came to a unanimous decision and felt that leggings were not being worn appropriately and caused distractions.

A lot of girls within the school were not sure how to feel about these new rules because they had been such an important asset to them that not being able to wear leggings to school was almost weird.

“When I heard that leggings were going to be a part of the new dress code, I was actually pretty aggravated. Like no one really has time to come to school in heels and a dress only to be sitting stationary for eight hours straight. Leggings are what’s comfortable and what almost everyone likes wearing,” said sophomore Kerra Dunlap.

In addition to this, many girls around the school feel that dress coding for leggings is an inconsistency and has proven itself to be unfair.

Some female students feel that they find themselves in the attendance office getting ready to be written up while others in the same attire are prancing happily around school.

“Dress code depends on a lot of different things. If you’re high-waisted or long armed, it will be in your favor for sure. If not, you’re more than likely to have trouble. It also really matters who is wearing it and how it is worn. I won’t be such a stickler if it is worn to the right caliber and appropriately,” said faculty member Jessica Allnut.

“I get dress coded a lot, probably because I have a big butt. But that still doesn’t make it right when I always see like two trillion girls wearing leggings and never get caught. I’m not trying to break the rules, but when I want to bum it, leggings are my first choice,” said sophomore Caroline Damron.

Despite the controversy, it is also pretty well understood that leggings are now prohibited and should not be worn. This though, does not change the feelings of students, and they are relentless in the ongoing fight concerning leggings. The only remaining question: will they win?

“I feel at times that dress code is very necessary to have. I believe that if clothing is a distraction, then it needs to be taken care of. But on the flip side, if everyone can function and just get along, then I really don’t see a problem with it. It’s evident that dress code is a war, and I’m just here to see who comes out on top: the students or the teachers?” said geometry teacher David Logue.