LHS’ Chorus gives an excellent performance

Particitants Chris, Taylor, Rayne, Thomas and Cheyene from the event.

Junior Taylor Block and seniors Chris Baker, Rayne Aldous, Thomas Munn, and Cheyenne Kowalczyk were all participants in the assessment. (Photo: Dera)

February 28, 2014, there was a beginner’s chorus Coral Music Assessment that included some of Lecanto’s vocally talented students.  They received an excellent on their performance of “Oh Shenandoah” and “Keira” songs.

Above everything else it seems that Lecanto students were proud of how they preformed and to see how similar they were to everyone else.

“The experience was amazing, knowing that there are hundreds of others there with the same feelings as you,” said senior Rayne Aldous. “All together I feel we did fantastic for our first year.”

Junior Taylor Block agrees with Aldous.

“I feel that my friends and I did a great job,” said Block.

Senior Cheyenne Kowalczyk thought that the experience was great and that the criticism they got was very helpful.

“We had a good experience for the school going for the first time in 11 years,” said Kowalczyk.  “The judges told us what we did wrong, so we learned from it.”

Sophomore Jonathan Romero is glad of what they have accomplished; the practice and the experience it provides to him.

“Finishing with success is my favorite aspect. I was glad we went first so nothing could get in my head and possibly distract me,” said Romero.  “Its a good way to get ready to perform in front of people.”

Senior Thomas Munn enjoyed the amazing experience and felt great knowing that himself and classmates performed their best.

“We did really good and scored an excellent. I was a bit nervous at first, but when we started singing I felt great,” said Munn. “Spending time with friends and getting to sing was my favorite aspect of the evening.”