High schools consider selling coffee in the cafeteria

Cody Simmons and Kyle Ramsey bring their favorite kind of coffee to school and are estatic that they won't be having to do that anymore. (Photo:Christian)

Seniors Cody Simmons and Kyle Ramsey share their favorite kind of coffee together that they brought to school. The boys are ecstatic that they might not have to bring their own anymore. (Photo: Christian)

Citrus County high school students’ early-morning frowns are turning upside down with the new idea of coffee being brought into the schools for only$1 at breakfast time.

Citrus County School Board superintendent Sam Himmel started a high school student advisory council. At this council, the superintendent asked students for ways to improve their campuses, and the council discussed a variety of issues.

The conversation of coffee being served to students first began at this council.

“Students from each of the three high schools at the superintendent’s high school student council brought up the idea and asked if the Food Services Department would consider serving coffee to the students in the morning,” said Citrus County School Board member Thomas Kennedy.

Currently, the plan just includes regular coffee. There will be no variety of special flavors such as caramel and whipped cream. Also, there will be no refills.

Although these rules limit choice, this does not affect many of the students’ attitudes about the coffee that will be served.

“I wish they had more than just regular coffee like frappes and stuff, but I still love that we will be able to get coffee in the morning. I’ll actually go to the cafeteria now,” said sophomore Jeremiah Lucas.

“I’m excited about coffee in schools. I like coffee,” said senior Lauren Hellstern.

The students love the new idea of coffee coming to the schools. Even though they enjoy the choice the School Board is deciding to make, some of the parents disagree with it.

“My mom doesn’t like me drinking too much of that stuff. But I don’t really care because I like coffee,” said junior Jag Siauw.

Many students think coffee is a good idea for the school mornings. They agree that it helps them focus and gives them more of a drive throughout the day. If the new rule comes into place, many students will get coffee for less money and they will not have to waste time out of their morning on school days to drive to Dunkin’ Donuts or elsewhere.