Anytime Fitness membership raffle to benefit Relay for Life

The newest of all the Anytime fitness gyms in the citrus county area which is located in Crystal River Florida of 8th ave.  (Grotjahn)

The newest of all the Anytime Fitness gyms in the Citrus County area is located in Crystal River, Florida off 8th Ave.
(Photo: Grotjahn)

Relay for Life and Anytime Fitness are pairing together for a raffle that will held March 29, 2014. The winner of this raffle will receive a free  3-month membership to any of the Anytime Fitness centers in either Crystal River, Beverly Hills or Homosassa. This opportunity is valued at over $150, which is what it would normally cost to initially sign up and get a membership at Anytime Fitness.

This raffle appeals to many people, either gym junkies or people who are just starting out.

“I absolutely love Anytime Fitness. It has all the equipment needed in order to achieve the level of fitness you want,” said junior Justin Eichler.

To get started with an Anytime Fitness membership, it costs about $50 for a key, and then patrons must sign up for a 3-month, 6-month, or a full year membership, ranging from $150 to $360. Payments average $30 a month. Overall the equipment at any of these three locations is beyond what a steady gym goer needs, with machines and free weights to optimize individual fitness.

Students interested get the maximum bang for their buck when joining Anytime Fitness.

“For the $30 a month I can use the gym anytime in any location, which has really gotten me back in shape; couldn’t be happier with Anytime Fitness,” said senior Lukas Repiso.

Relay for Life is a huge event that happens all over the country in order to raise awareness for cancer. They host many walks throughout the year to raise money for breast cancer research and really get people involved.

“I go to any walk that comes up near me because I have family member who has been affected by cancer, so we try to walk as many laps around the track  to raise money in his honor,” said junior Brad Hendrickson.

The most popular gym in the area along with one of the best ways to raise awareness for cancer and cancer research is something that many think would bring in a lot of people to enter this raffle and not only get people to buy tickets, but to join the Anytime Fitness family and expand their franchise even more.

Overall the raffle should hit all areas of expanding a franchise, raising money, and get through to people about the major devastation cancer causes to families and really get people thinking about how they can do their part in order to improve this unexplored area of medicine.

“Cancer really needs more followers and people who are willing to pitch in to try to get some answers of why it’s becoming such a big issue in the United States,” said senior Joshua Brown.

Raffle tickets are $2 each and can be purchased at the Lecanto School Board Transportation Office in Inverness or by contacting Elizabeth Klaver or Karen Carpenter at (352) 746-2714.