Students give blood on Halloween

Sophmore Jasmine Kuo giving blood at the halloween blood drive. (Photo:Short)

Sophmore Jasmine Kuo gives blood at the Halloween blood drive. (Photo:Short)

This Halloween many Lecanto High School [LHS] students participated in the blood drive to help do their part in saving various lives in Citrus County.

At the blood drive they tried to make students feel welcomed by wearing Halloween costumes and giving out food and playing music.

“We don’t want the students here to feel nervous. We want to try to make giving blood a fun, comfortable thing to do. The better students feel about it, the more they’ll come back to donate ,” said nurse Jasmine Toliver.

Many students have come back to give blood multiple times.

“I wasn’t nervous at all about donating. I’ve already given blood 13 times. I feel that it’s a really good cause,” said senior Ashley Nazarao.

“This would be my fifth time giving blood, so no, I wasn’t nervous about it,” said junior Nathan Osthoff.

There are positive reasons for donating blood, as all the blood donated stays within the county.

“I gave my blood because it is for a good cause and my blood’s eligible for small children and babies,” said Osthoff.

“All donated blood stays in this county. Who knows? It could help save your own family members or maybe even you by donating,” said Toliver.

Many students participated in the drive. It was a great success.

“I’ve seen a ton of students today. More and more [students] continue to pour in. I’m glad to see how successful today’s Halloween drive has gone. We’ll probably do it again next year also,” said Toliver.