Students can dance “Beyond the Shore” for homecoming

SGA brainstorming for homecoming ideas

The Student Government Association [SGA] brainstorms for homecoming ideas. (Photo: VanQuelef)

Lecanto High School [LHS] has a new homecoming theme, and it has been decided by the Student Government Association [SGA]. The theme will be “Beyond the Shore.”

“We wanted it to be out there and [awesome]! Someone suggested the idea of an underwater theme, and my group thought it would be cool to show different aspects of the sea. When you first walk into the gym hallway, you will experience a shipwreck feel. As you walk further, at the next door entrance, you will be walking through a cave that we will make out of papier-mâché. I came up with that idea because it is something different. When you walk out of the cave right before you hit the actual gym doors, the colors will get brighter,” said senior Cheyenne Shilling.

“In the gym there is going to be coral reefs made out of papier-mâché, that a group of members thought of. We will have these coral reefs lit up with lights and have cast nets hanging from the ceiling,” said senior Amanda Caraluzzo.

Students in SGA are coming together to light up Lecanto High School’s homecoming. They are all thinking of different ideas and bringing them together to create the best under the sea theme.

“A few other students and myself had brainstormed multiple ideas and incorporated different ideas into the underwater theme. We decided on the underwater theme because it was a different type of theme. We can use multiple decorations and props to make it come alive and cool. After the SGA meeting, it came down to a final vote for the under the sea theme. There were a lot of  other ecstatic and unique themes also,” said senior Summer VanQuelef.