Pollyanna, Pollyanna, what a ridiculous name!

Drama members Rayne Aldous and Taylor Block preform on stage in the musical Pollyanna (Photo: Joehl)

Drama members senior Rayne Aldous and junior Taylor Block perform on stage in the musical Pollyanna. (Photo: Joehl)

The Lecanto High School (LHS) theatre department is putting on a production called “Pollyanna.” It will be performed Oct. 24-26 at 7 p.m., and there will be a Saturday matinée at 2 p.m. in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium [CPA]. The admission fee for students is $5, adults are $8 online and $10 at the door, and children 5 and under are free. You can purchase online tickets at www.lecantodrama.blogspot.com.

The musical is about an orphan girl named Pollyanna whose parents die and she goes to stay with her aunt Polly in a town where everyone suffers from sadness and sorrow, and she ends up making everyone happy.

Some students acting in the musical gave their opinions on what they think of the plot.

“I like the twist of the plot. She’s all happy, and then things change throughout the musical, such as her getting hit by a car,” said junior Bryan Mclellan.

“I think the plot has a really good meaning to it, and it appeals to all types of audiences,” said junior Amber Poteet.

Along with practicing nonstop everyday and trying to make the musical perfect, there are some difficulties.

“I believe that acting younger than I am was pretty difficult since I did have to play a 12-year-old,” said junior Taylor Block.

“The only real difficulty we had as a cast was working together and projecting our voices when we were reading our lines and singing,” added Mclellan.

“I’m a choreographer, so it was difficult teaching everyone how to do the steps. Some people didn’t catch on quickly, so we had to go over things a lot,” added Poteet.

All the actors and actresses had positive comments on the roles they have.

“I felt like my role was a little too happy at times, but Pollyanna was a very infectious character, and I was glad to play her,” said Block.

“I liked my role, and this is my first year so I didn’t want anything too big. Next year I plan on going for a bigger one,” said Mclellan.