Decade Day is a blast from the past

Lecanto High School [LHS] students get into the spirit of Decade Day.

Lecanto High School [LHS] students get into the spirit of Decade Day. (Photo: Hall)

Lecanto High School’s highly anticipated homecoming week has finally arrived. Starting off the week was Decade Day, with freshmen dressing from the 1950s, sophomores from the 1960s, juniors the 1970s, and seniors the 1980s.

Most students used things that they had at home, and often had help from their parents.

“My mom helped; she was born in the ’80s,” said senior Gail Skaates.

“[I got my ideas from] the Internet and my mom,” said junior Shelby Brenneman.

Some students, like sophomore Nikki Craig, added onto their outfits while at school.

“[I painted flowers on my face] in art with my friends,” said Craig.

Freshmen like Carly Zakaria and Katie Brooks found inspiration from the classic movie “Grease.”

Despite the excitement for homecoming week, students like Craig noticed something unusual.

“Last year a lot more people dressed up,” said Craig.

However, more students seem to be planning on dressing up later in the week.

“[I’m excited for] Character Day,” said Brooks, “I’m dressing up as the Queen of Hearts.”

“[Dressing up is] very spur of the moment [for me],” said Brenneman, who is also looking forward to Thursday’s Character Day.

Craig said, “[I’m most looking forward to] Character Day. I have no idea what I’m going to dress up as.”

Students participated in Decade Day regardless of whether or not they plan on attending the homecoming dance.

“I’m definitely going,” said Brooks.

“[So far, homecoming week has been] fun, even though I can’t go to the dance,” said Zakaria.