AVID sponsors pumpkin carving contest

The Lecanto High School Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] program its hosting their second annual pumpkin carving/decorating contest.

One entry to the pumpkin carving contest is $5 while two is $8. The pumpkins must be in room 97-108 by 3 p.m., Oct. 30, to be entered in to the contest.

Pumpkin carvings are a halloween tradition. (Photo:Supplied)

Pumpkin carvings are a Halloween tradition. (Photo: Supplied)

The contest serves as a fundraiser for the AVID program and is open to anyone who wants to enter: children, high students, senior citizens, anyone! All people can enter as long as long as they can get their pumpkins to the room on deadline.

“We’re raising money for field trips to colleges,” AVID coordinator Robert Thompson said.

“I’m exited; I want to go on the field trips,” junior Alicia Harrison said.

“If the kids in the class want, I will help them, but personally, no, [I will not enter]” Thompson said.

The stipulations are: The pumpkin can be carved and/or painted, or you may decorate the pumpkins to resemble someone or something. You could even do all of the above.

Students are looking forward to be involved in the fall activities.

“I am exited; my pumpkin looks very interesting,” junior Madison Gamble said.

There will be a prize of a large candy basket in honor of the Halloween spirit.