Varsity football falls short of a win against Crystal River

Sept. 13, 2013, Lecanto High School [LHS] faced off against rival school Crystal River High School [CRHS] for a varsity football game. The game was at Lecanto with a final score of 14-7 in CRHS’ favor. With a highly anticipated game this year, the stands were filled with many spectators ready to cheer their favorite team on.

The offense lines up to score a touchdown. (Photo: Poyner)

The offense lines up to score a touchdown. (Photo: Fiorenza)

“Our game plan was to use our huddles,” said varsity football player Matthew Wheat. “We also tried to balance our running and passing game.”The stands were a green and gold ocean as the two Citrus County rivals took center stage underneath the lights.

“There was a better crowd than usual,” said Wheat. “It showed the team that people are interested in us.”

Like in all sports, football wins or losses can create a tidal wave of momentum.

“Our momentum is still good,” said varsity football player Jordan Lee. “I look at the loss as something that shows us what we need to work on. We will definitely come back from the loss.”

The LHS football team is looking to tweak their game to come out on top against Fivay High School in the upcoming game.

“We need to engage in blocks,” said Lee.

“We need to improve on offense,” said Wheat. “And we can improve on the line and blocking.”

LHS takes on Fivay at Fivay  Sept. 30 for the fourth game of the season.

“It was a big game,” said Wheat. “Our main focus is to is to bounce back and keep our heads up.”