Students pick their top three horror movies

Horror movies are a huge part of American culture, and with the release of “Insidious 2” in theaters this past weekend, Lecanto High School students have another opportunity to experience terror.

Students at LHS shared their three favorite horror movies: “The Conjuring,” “The Last Exorcism,” and “The Haunting in Connecticut.” All three movies are based on true stories.

“‘The Conjuring’ was my favorite, and the scariest parts to me was when the ball flew out from behind the piano and when the raging bad soul got into the mother and she tried hurting her daughter. I wasn’t expecting any of those events at all; they were spine-chilling,” said senior Abigail Fielding.

The Conjuring. One of Lecanto's top picks in horror films. (Photo: Supplied)

One of Lecanto’s top horror films was “The Conjuring.” (Photo: Supplied)

“I chose to watch ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ because I felt like it looked interesting. Also watching a movie based on a true story makes the movie ten times better than it would be if it wasn’t based on a true story,” said senior Summer VanQuelef.Being able to relate a horror movie to reality has a hair-raising effect on most people. Students begin to watch a horror movie and wonder if it could happen in reality. Then find out it can, or to see from experience that it is, is an eerie feeling for most people.

“‘The Last Exorcism’ can relate to reality in so many ways, it’s creepy. People become overtaken by evil souls. The good souls believing in the worship of God to overtake the evil soul again and perform an exorcism,” said senior Jordan Martin.

“I like watching these movies that are based on what really happened. It makes watching the movie more intense and scary. But I’m a big boy, so I’m not one to get scared,” said senior Ricky Marcic.