Singers sell scrumptious cookie dough

Student Kaylee Richardson checking out the cookie dough catalogs. (Photo: Short)

Sophomore Kaylee Richardson checks out the chorus students’ cookie dough catalogs. (Photo: Short)

The Lecanto High School (LHS) chorus department is trying to raise funds by selling cookie dough this year.

They are in desperate need of some new equipment.

“The chorus department really needs new equipment like new microphones and speakers,” said sophomore Tawnee Di Domenico. “The current ones are in horrible condition. They sound terrible and we aren’t provided enough money to get new ones.”

The students are selling the cookie dough at the price of $15 for 2.7 lbs of all kinds of different flavors.

“Buying the cookie dough is definitely worth it,” said freshman Amanda Wilkins. “You get a lot for the price, and it’s delicious. I can’t wait to get the white chocolate macadamia nut.”

The LHS chorus department is trying to raise at least $5,000.

“I’ve sold over $300 worth of cookie dough,” said Di Domenico. “I think we’ll raise even more than we were hoping to.”

They also need money just for the support of the arts program for new music and various materials.

“I feel that the art departments doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. We need a lot more money just for support,” said Di Domenico.

These sales will be going on until Friday, Sept. 13.

“Sales end soon, and we really want to meet our requirements,” said Wilkins. “Selling is actually really difficult, and we need as much help as we can possibly get.”

Students can buy cookie dough from any chorus students.