LHS swimmers dive into a new season

Senior Hayley Bottona and Freshman Heather Bottona getting ready for practice. (photo: Bottona)

Senior Hayley Bottona and freshman Heather Bottona get ready for practice. (Photo: Bottona)

The Lecanto High School [LHS] swimmers can not wait to splash into the new season.These athletes have great expectations and goals.

“Our swim team has been around for many years,”  junior Lane Ramsey said. “Swimmers should take it seriously and practice daily.”

Swimming can be a hard sport to some, but easy to others. Swimming challenges and builds your strength and abilities.

Many of the strokes that the swim team has to perform are known to be fairly challenging.

“The breast stroke is my favorite stroke because it is the most powerful stroke and enhances your strength,” said junior Hailey Vientos.

“The butterfly is my favorite stroke because it is the hardest to accomplish,” said Ramsey. “It challenges your strength and builds your muscles.”

Some students join the swim team to increase their strength for other sports and activities.

“The reason I personally joined the swim team was to stay fit and in shape for other sports.” said Ramsey.

There are a selected few who join because they personally enjoy swimming or enjoy seeing others swim.

“I joined the swim team because it is great exercise, and I like to swim,” Vientos said.

“I wanted to be involved in a sport, and I always loved watching my sister swim. It is so exciting, and the whole team is like a family,” said freshman Heather Bottona.

Going into the new year, the LHS swimmers have hopes of becoming better competitors, having record-setting times,  or even advancing to the district competition.

“I’m trying to improve my times this year and be a good captain and help the younger swimmers develop their strokes,” senior Reine Zizek said.