Lecanto High School helps needy children for Christmas

Senior Reine Zizek scans the shelfs for ideas for gifts for "adopting" a child. (photo: Lemanowicz)

Senior Reine Zizek scans the shelves looking for gift ideas for adopt-a-child. (Photo: Lemanowicz)

As Christmas comes around, most kids dream of waking up to presents under the tree, but some just are not that lucky. However, by sponsoring a child, these less fortunate kids’ dreams can come true.

Students, staff, teachers and clubs have the chance to “adopt” a kid for Christmas through the Resource Center and will be given a sheet with information about the child, (such as clothes sizes) and what he or she enjoys doing.

The deadline to get presents and get them to the kids will be Dec. 1. To make this seem like a real Christmas, “elves” will be delivering all the presents.

Many kids do not have the chance to wake up and unwrap gifts, but this year teachers and students realized the littlest gifts could make the biggest smiles.

“I think giving presents is a very sweet thing, and it makes kids enjoy the holidays,” said sophomore Kerra Dunlap.

“‘Adopting’ a kid is a good idea because you’re helping a child in need,” said freshman Amanda Wilkins.

Students around Lecanto High School would love to help out others by sponsoring them and realized that Christmas was more about giving than receiving.

“I plan to help a child who doesn’t get the chance to experience a good Christmas. I enjoy doing this because even the littlest things mean the most to them,” said senior Reine Zizek.

“I would [help a child] because I feel that Christmas is all about giving back, and knowing that I made a little kid have a great Christmas would be a good feeling to have when waking up on a Christmas morning,” said senior Lauren Shumate.

Guidance secretary Bonnie Bova is organizing for students and clubs around LHS. Anyone interested can contact her in order to participate. E-mail her at  bovab@citrus.k12.fl.us.