Staff members welcome the new school year

Mr. Thompson welcomes his class back for the first week of school.

Geography teacher Robert Thompson welcomes his class back to school. (Photo: Richardson)

Within the first week, many changes have occurred at Lecanto High School that have affected the teachers and administration. Things such as one less lunch period, the student population, and a different atmosphere have all influenced the feelings of the staff at LHS.

While some teachers were happy to come back and start a new year, others felt indifferent.

“I’m always excited to come back to school, excited for new classes, and to see new kids and old ones,” physical education teacher Robert Dupler said.

“I was really excited,” dean of students Bob Smith said sarcastically.

During the first week, Lecanto High School staff and students practiced two fire drills. These fire drills have also had an effect on the learning process.

“The fire drills in the afternoon are too hot; I like the mornings,” Smith said.

After the first week, staff members have made predictions on the outcome of the new year.

Attendance clerk Vianna Crisp said, “Based on the first week, there haven’t been any issues, so that’s an indication it’ll be a good year.”

 This article was written by staff members Kaycee Coleman, Taylor Christian, Kaylee Richardson.