Panthers rise to the challenge at the preseason classic

The Lecanto High School [LHS] football team trained all summer in hopes of beating every opponent on the schedule.

The Panthers take a rest as the refferees discuss a  "flag on the play". Which ended in the Panther's favor gaining yardage, (Photo:Supplied)

The Panthers take a rest as the referees discuss a flag on the play which ended in the Panther’s favor, gaining yardage. (Photo: Supplied)

The Panthers had their first pre-Season classic game (jamboree) Friday, Aug. 23, against the Weeki Wachee Hornets. The varsity football game led the team to a lead, but when the junior varsity [JV] players stepped in, the game took a turn in the opposite direction.The  Panthers ended up losing by one point, but felt they could have done better in many areas of the game.

“I think we had a chance, but we should have done more to win,” junior TeAndre Hopkins said. “I think we kind of just gave up towards the end.”

Many of the Panthers felt that different choices regarding placement of players would have led to a different outcome.

“They were putting varsity players on the JV team,” junior Ardante Anderson said. “I don’t think it was very fair considering our JV team was being fair.”

“The way they were putting their players on the [JV team]was wrong of them to do,” senior Jonah Nightengale said.

The Panthers believe that this season will not be like the previous ones. They are going to put forth more effort in every step they take so that they can end with a winning season.

“I believe that this year will be the year of the Panthers,” said Anderson. “Let’s get it.”