Freshmen have fresh views of high school

As summer came to an end, the students of Lecanto High School (LHS) anticipated the coming of the new school year. Especially the freshmen.

The freshmen of LHS experienced a radical shift as they transitioned from 8th to 9th grade, greeting a new school and a new set of students. The general consensus is a positive one. The freshmen are pleased with the lunches and generally happy with the fewer classes and longer blocks in comparison to the seven 45-minute long periods that they had in middle school.

English teacher Alison Roth's freshmen class is hard at work. (Photo: Lemanowicz)

English teacher Alison Roth’s freshmen class is hard at work. (Photo: Lemanowicz)

Some students expressed various thoughts on their new classes.

“[The classes are] a lot easier to remember,” said freshman Destinee Strickland.

Freshman Bevan Grippe said, “I like my Algebra 1 class.”

The teachers are just as enthusiastic as the freshmen. English teacher Alison Roth was pleased with the class of 2017.

“I help them with whatever they need, whether it be space or extra help,” said Roth. “The freshmen want to work.”

However, some freshmen disagree with the changes.

“I feel the pressure of deciding what [classes] I want to take,” said freshman Ravyn Gale.

“I don’t like the longer classes,” said Seth Heinzman.

“It’s a lot harder to find somewhere to sit [at lunch]. I also sometimes get lost,” Grippe also stated.

Some freshmen feel subjugated by the upperclassmen because they are the lowest class and (hopefully) youngest.

Strickland stated, ” I hate being the lowest class.”

Despite all of the trials the freshman have to endure, they end up all right.

“It’s not too great having all academic [classes], but my teachers make it okay,” confessed Heinzman.

This article was co-written by staff writers Patrick Englerth, Kaitlyn Lemanowicz, and editor Brianna Ellis.