FFA students learn about agriculture in Africa at Busch Gardens

Students pose on the hood of an old car (Photo: Richardson)

Students pose on the hood of an old car. (Photo: Richardson)

Tuesday, April 30, Lecanto High School students who are a part of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) took part in the Busch Gardens field trip.

Busch Gardens is home to various roller coasters and different animals in zoo habitats like cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, etc. FFA students and advisers went on a day where not many people were there, so it was like having the theme park almost all to themselves.

Agricultural educator Steven Richardson understands that if students are educated through a boring way, then the facts do not stick in their brains. Students could get the best of both worlds at Busch Gardens: fun education.

“I learned by accident,” junior Tory Bosley said.

“I learned things about cheetahs like they don’t use their sense, they use their sight,” sophomore Trinity Roberson said.

“I spotted facts about the cheetahs; I also talked about the dog and cheetah pair they have there that have been together since they were little and first introduced,” Amber Maynard, student body president of FFA, said.

A fair share of students had their fun and learned a lot, but the trip also brought more than just those two things to make it a great memory.

“I haven’t been there in years, so it was like replaying old memories,” senior Veronica Tuminia said.

“[I] got to hang with the FFA people and meet new people and realize there’s more people than I thought,” said Roberson.

“They had great food,” freshman Hannah Swander said.